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Commercial refrigerators are vital for the operations of restaurants, hospitals, and other businesses. When a fridge is not working properly, it can lead to food spoilage and health risks.

A professional refrigeration repair service can help. These professionals specialize in repairing and servicing different types of refrigeration units. The best ones offer service warranties that cover 30 days to a year. Click here for more info.

Licensed and Insured

While some home-based appliance repair companies operate as independent contractors, others hold a business license or permit from the local zoning board to legally conduct business. If you’re hiring a professional to work in your home, check the company website for information on their licensure status and ask for verification before scheduling an appointment.

Many refrigerator repair issues can be resolved through troubleshooting, which involves looking in the owner’s manual to find a solution to your specific problem. Some of the most common issues include faulty thermostats, leaky ice makers, and loud noises.

A reputable refrigeration repair service should be licensed and insured. If you’re dealing with a company that is unlicensed or offers unrealistically low prices, you should look elsewhere. Ask your potential repair professionals about their insurance and whether they offer service warranties as well. These warranty terms can range from 30 days to 12 months, and they show that the repair company is confident in its work.

Availability and Parts

Refrigeration service teams offer a variety of services that can help you save money in the long run. When minor issues are addressed early on, they can prevent more expensive repairs later and make your fridge more energy efficient. In addition, if you upgrade to an ENERGY STAR refrigerator, you can save on your utility bills.

During the repair process, refrigerator repair technicians use basic tools like screwdrivers, ratchet wrenches and hardware tools to open the casing. They also use a flaring tool to connect tubes during the repair process. Other equipment needed includes a digital manifold, a multimeter, and a fireless connection tool.

Refrigerator accessories can make your fridge more comfortable to work in and improve its overall functionality. For example, you can replace a refrigerator door handle to make it easier to open and update your fridge water filter. These easy updates can reduce noise, increase energy efficiency and keep your food fresher for longer.

Service Warranties

Manufacturers often offer in-warranty repair services for appliances that develop a problem during the warranty period. However, this can take weeks or even months. The company usually offers an excuse such as a backorder of the necessary part or a supply chain disruption. In-warranty appliance repair is typically free of charge, but customers should keep in mind that a company can change its policy and stop offering this service at any time.

Homeowners can also sign up for a home or an extended warranty that covers individual appliances. These warranties are more comprehensive and offer a range of coverage options, including professional repair and replacement. However, homeowners should read the fine print to make sure that they understand the terms of their coverage and the cost of any deductibles or co-pays.

Some manufacturers and retailers will pitch extended warranties to customers as they shop. This industry is a $40 billion business, according to the newsletter, Warranty Week. Most buyers should resist these pitches, as they are designed to generate revenue rather than provide valuable protection.


Homeowners with experience tackling DIY projects can handle more straightforward refrigerator repairs, such as replacing a rubber door gasket or cleaning coils. But more advanced issues like a refrigerant leak require the skills of an experienced refrigerator repair technician. These issues require the use of highly toxic gases, and the EPA mandates that only certified professionals can conduct such repairs.

A good refrigeration repair service will also offer warranty coverage on all parts and labor that are installed. Check whether the company offers these guarantees, and for how long.

Refrigerators are a necessity in many homes, and homeowners can easily identify the signs that their fridge is in need of repair. However, if the cost of repairing a fridge is more than half the price of buying a new one, it might make more sense for homeowners to start looking into buying new refrigerators. Check this helpful information.